2021 - 2022

Season Calendar

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Davy Crockett’s Tremendously Tall Tales
Saturday November 13, 11am & 2pm, Main Stage Theater

“King of the Wild Frontier” is a name befitting a Tennessee hero with a coonskin cap… but what if there are not one, not two, but three such heroes competing for the title? There’s only one way to tell the real from the imposter: A Tall Tale Telling Tournament! Join Davy Crockett, Davy Crockett, and Davy Crockett on a trip through the folklore and tall tales of the American frontier. Enjoy familiar characters such as Paul Bunyan, Babe the Blue Ox and Johnny Appleseed, and also some not so familiar characters… like hoop-snakes and hide-behinds! Interactive and hilarious; a wonderful adventure for kids and adults alike. (Appropriate for all ages, best enjoyed by those four and up)


I’ll Huff & I’ll Puff: The Absolutely True Story of the Big Bad Wolf
Saturday January 15, 11am & 2pm, Main Stage Theater

You think you know the story. Pigs. Houses. Red Cloaks. Taking baskets to Grandma's house. But you've never heard the real story - until now!
Boss Beulah Bell (a proper Southern pig) is in charge of a little patch of countryside in the Fairytale Woods. But for Beulah, being the star of The Three Little Pigs isn’t enough. With the help of her dimwitted daughter Petaline and a well-intentioned want-ad Wolf, she plans to alter all the fairytales beyond repair.
With the help of the audience, Petaline Prunella Pig and Wyoming Wolf (a.k.a. The Big Bad) vie to stop Beulah in her quest to change the fairytales as we know them into new works, such as “The Little Pig-maid”, “Pig-nocchio”, and “Snow Pig and the Seven Dwarves”.
An engaging and interactive production that will entertain the youngest audience members, the seasoned theatre-goers, and everyone in between!
(Appropriate for all ages, best enjoyed by those four and up) 


The Princess and the Pea
Saturday March 26, 11am & 2pm, Studio Theater

An evil, terrible queen is threatening to take over the kingdom! Can no one in this entire Hill of Beans stop her from carrying out her dastardly plot? It’s up to Princess Leguma and, with a lot of determination (and a little help from a frog), she just may be able to save Garbanzo Gardens from the wicked Queen Lima. Everyone the kingdom over will enjoy this fanciful take on the classic fairy tale!
(Appropriate for all ages, best enjoyed by those four and up) 


Like Cats and Dogs
Saturday May 28, 11am & 2pm, Studio Theater

In a house, there lives a Dog. The dog is happy. Life is peaceful. Then the humans bring home a surprise. A yarn chasing, mouse hunting, meowing surprise. Dog does not like surprises. Will this odd pair learn to coexist, or will it be mass hysteria? Whatever the case, hysterical antics are coming to a theatre near you! This hilarious show will have you wagging your tail and howling with delight. Don’t miss this odd couple story, enjoyable for the whole family. Whether you’re a dog lover, a cat lover, or just someone who loves to laugh, you’re sure to love “Like Cats & Dogs”!
(Appropriate for all ages, best enjoyed by those four and up)