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About CTHR Auditions

CTHR is a theatre troupe adult actors devoted to creating and presenting original family entertainment. We perform regularly on weekends in the Hampton Roads area from September to May. All of our auditions are open to the community- you do not need to have previous acting experience to audition. If you have a love of theatre, we encourage you to explore it. If you are interested in working backstage, there are many opportunities! Whether you have a knack for stage managing, properties, costumes or set, we have something to offer. ​

Although CTHR does not require prior professional experience, there are certain traits that we look for when casting, including:

  • Eighteen Years and Older (CTHR performs for young audiences; we do not cast young actors in our plays)

  • Positive Attitude ​

  • Dependable Nature

  • Ability to Follow Instructions

  • Line Memorization Skills

  • Flexible Weekend Schedule

  • Team players ​

  • And above all, we are looking for actors who are enthusiastic about theatre and performing for young audiences.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I get my child involved in your theatre?

CTHR is a professional theatre company of adult actors (performing theatre for young audiences). We only cast performers ages eighteen and older.

How do I set up an audition?

First, read all the information on the audition notice page carefully. Then contact the director of the production to set up an appointment. CTHR auditions are open to the public for everyone eighteen years of age and up, but you must make an appointment.

What do I need to prepare?

You do not need to prepare a monologue. During the audition, you will be asked to do a “cold-reading” from the script. You will have a chance to look the material over for a short period after you arrive for your audition. Depending on the material, you may read by yourself, with another actor, or both. We do not do musicals, however some of our productions include music and we make a point to try and utilize everyone's talents. If you can sing, dance, or play an instrument, let us know at your audition.

What should I bring?

A headshot and résumé are recommended, but not required (see the last page for examples). Bringing your personal calendar (and a pen/pencil) is recommended, since availability plays a big part in the casting of a show. A bottle of water is always a great idea. Please do not bring any props or costumes to your audition.

What should I wear?

Something professional but comfortable. Shorts and skirts are usually not best, since you need to be ready to move around a lot. Flat, closed-toe shoes will also serve you better than heels or flip flops. Please do not wear a costume.

When should I arrive?

We suggest arriving at least 10 minutes before your appointment. Punctuality is important in everything we do, and being late to an audition is just like being late to an interview!

What do I do when I get there?

Someone will greet you on arrival and ask you to fill out an audition form. You will then have an opportunity to look over the material you will read in the audition.

What will I do in the audition?

When you/the director are ready, you will have a 5-10 minute slot for your audition, performing the assigned material. You may also be asked to perform basic improv, display any special skills you’ve listed on your résumé, or even wield a sword or work with a puppet to show us what you can do! Be prepared to ask and answer questions about the production and the process at this time.

What do you look for in an audition?

We like to see confident actors who can make strong choices and commit to them. Vocal ability is key, and your physical choices will always make an impression- so if it helps you to warm up your voice and body before your audition, do it! Everybody makes mistakes, but it’s important to stay in character during your read. It's also very important for us to work with actors we can mesh with: outgoing people who are willing to work hard as a team.

How long will I have to wait for a casting decision?

We try to let all auditionees know within two or three days whether or not they have been cast. We will get in touch with you as soon as a decision is reached.

If I’m not cast, can I still be involved in the production?

Let us know on your audition sheet (or in person) if you are interested in doing backstage work.

Do I need a résumé and a headshot?

An acting résumé and headshot (while not necessary) are great items to bring to your audition. A head shot is an 8x10" portrait. It commonly has a person’s head & shoulders, and focuses on the face. Headshots can be in color or black and white. A theatre résumé is similar to any other professional résumé, and should include: your name, contact information, the roles you’ve played (with the production name, director, and location), any professional training, special skills, and personal information such as hair color, height, gender, etc. See a sample résumé and two examples of headshots below: